Cowboys & Elephants Press

True Stories of a Special Cowboy,
the Elephant he loved,
who loved him back

Winner of the 2019 Mom’s Choice Award

Love is love, in any language. But what happens when no language exists to make communicating that love possible? A breakthrough must happen, and when it does, the joy of understanding and being understood is suddenly present.

This is the breakthrough that happened between Cowboy Bob and Amy the Elephant. And it’s the kind of breakthrough that can happen in other cases too – such as those with austism. The special language that made it possible for Amy to communicate to humans was adopted by zoos throughout the U.S. and the world. The author and her family members believe the same kind of breakthrough is possible in the autism community. Many experts in the field of autism agree. For this reason, the proceeds of this book are dedicated to one special Autism Center.



Carole Norris Sondrup
with illustrations by
Richard Marks