Mom’s Choice Awards – Interview with Carole Sondrup, Author of Elephants Love Cowboys Too!


Elephants Love Cowboys Too

Cision – An Elephant’s Legacy: Breakthrough in Communicating with Autistic Children

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I had the pleasure of reading this heartwarming book about a rare relationship between two opposites. Elephants Love Cowboys Too takes us through extreme emotions as Amy navigates through her challenging life until a transformation takes place with the help of Cowboy Bob. This true story is a must read for anyone who experiences the discomforts of searching for their place in this world.

Suzette McIntyre, Author of Beauty Surrounds Us, The Paths We Take, and Reflection

“Elephants Love Cowboys Too! by Carole N. Sondrup is a great look into the life of a young, orphaned elephant. This short story tells the tale of how and why Amy the elephant left Africa and moved to America. Most of her years were spent in the care of Cowboy Bob, until it came time for her to begin another journey. Amy spent the remainder of her years at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, where she was loved by staff and guests alike. African elephant numbers in the wild are at an all-time low due to poaching. Many orphaned elephants are not fortunate enough to have the luck that Amy and her cousins came across. This story provides a heartfelt tale of a compassionate cowboy who refused to leave a little elephant behind.”

Scott Barton, Executive Director/CEO – Fresno Zoo

“You selected the most intriguing and loved characters in your book, Elephants Love Cowboys Too! From the beginning the story leaves the reader wanting to know more. There is a message in the story for everyone. I have been a part of the autism community for many years and I quickly found comparisons. Changes were made in Amy’s life without her understanding what was happening. It was scary and confusing just like life for children with autism. Eventually, Amy gets to make new friends, the best one being Cowboy Bob. But most of all, I enjoyed the conclusion with a message of love and acceptance for all. Thank you for this true story.”

Anna Hundley, Executive Director, Autism Treatment Center, Dallas Texas